Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Website Final Draft


The only thing I had changed from my first draft was the font I used for "Synopsis, Cast, Sountrack etc" as I thought it would look better if it matched with the line "Never think you're alone". As well as changing the font, I also corrected the word "Synopsis" from "Sypnosis".

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Website JPEG First Draft

This is my first draft to my website background, however after looking back at it I realised that there is a major spelling error- "Sypnosis" where it should be "Synopsis". To correct this I will have to change it in photoshop and re-do the text. Then reupload the imaage on macromedia dreamworks and realign the trailer to fit again. The overall look, I think, looks wuite professtional as it is conventional with the image on the left, the movie title "Stalked" quite central and large, the billing box, production names and the different links like "cast". I also included multimedia social network images like "twitter" and "facebook" which is conventional to movie websites.